DZIF Prizes for Translational Infection Research














Poster Awards


The DZIF Academy is pleased to award two prizes in 2021:


• DZIF Prize for Fundamental Translational Infection Research

• DZIF Prize for Clinical Translational Infection Research


DZIF will award the prizes of EUR 5.000,- each for exceptional translational infection research.


The prizes will be awarded during the DZIF Annual Meeting on Monday, 29 November 2021 from 11.40 – 12.40 where the recipients will be honored and

have a chance to present her or his research. Since the DZIF Annual Meeting 2020 had to be postponed, we will also honor the prize winners of 2020.




The three best posters will be awarded with EUR 500,- each.


The presentation of the poster awards will take place on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 at 16.00.



We would like to thank MSD Sharp & Dohme GmbH, Munich, for sponsoring the poster prizes.